Blog Redirect. This blog is mostly defunct. Catch me @Facebook/Twitter.

This blog is essentially defunct as my Facebook and Twitter accounts took over for most of my random blogging.

So yeah, that’s where I frequently blog about whatever the hell subject that I want to, despite Far Left hack obsessed bigots like Psycho Kirsten “omgfailure” Miller, Psycho John Schizomaniak, “Erpy the Herpy” or whatever other creepy creepster that “keeps an eye on me” from time to time and selectively suggested that I somehow permanently locked myself into gaming-only subject matter on a website called “” because I started my online presence with fan translation projects and never should’ve criticized their precious Obama, one of the worst presidents this country ever had…

We don’t like your right-wing views as Far Left hacks, stick to only caring/talking about videogames, not politics/the course of the country, rrawwwwr!!!” Interesting selective, red herring logic, eh ?

A significant reason I dropped the ole RIGG label and downgraded to “” was precisely because I wanted to run a blog and talk about whatever the hell subject that I wanted to… I did get tempted back in choosing “” but that was years later and I just added this sub site “” to still have a blog for off topic content. So there ya go, another “unsolicited” opinion/viewpoint of mine spammed right into your email inbox, err, my own web property/blog/site…

Gee, aren’t all of your views on your own web property “unsolicited ??” You gotta love the millions of selective arguments Far Left hack bigots can construct on-the-fly… That kind of argument stems from their bigoted, control freak, thought-policing nature in that they feel they own the Internet and we can’t have right-wingers very well running their mouths on it, can we ?? Heh. Think about what that “unsolicited” comment translates to given the context: it’s my own website,, and I apparently was “supposed” to “solicit” approval first before criticizing Obama from bigots like this XSEED shill ‘erpy’, Kirsten “omgfailure” Miller, Psycho John Schizomaniak, etc. You get the bizarre notion behind said comment…

Anyway, so yeah, you can find me around FB/Twitter if you wish. This has been the reality for years, but thought I’d post a redirect in some way to make it overt as apparently I still get visitors to this blog.

Nicolas Fury

Barack “NOT-THAT-HUSSEIN!” Obama-Osama-YoMama-Havana-Is-Nirvana!

It’s all good Obama, take your time, enjoy your golfing… Nobody will ever really hold you accountable for your lying, hypocrisy, narcissism and the show’s almost over in a couple of months anyway, so to quote Hellary Rotten Clinton, “What difference does it make at this point ??…”


Violent democrat thug shoots Trump supporter in the leg…

It appears a 45 year-old violent democrat nutjob took Barack Obama’s old campaign line “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun…” to heart and pulled a ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter thug move‬ on a 60-year-old Trump supporter! The Trump fan/voter was only shot in the leg, so he’ll be alright, but I suspect he “learned his lesson” when it comes to talking politics with random strangers in a bar… Case study on the unhinged, dangerous thuggery of Far Left hacks in America… Recall that a UK illegal immigrant wanted to assassinate Trump by stealing a cop’s gun at a Trump event some months back. The mainstream news press was mostly silent on it however.


The political strategy of Far Left hacks summarized…

Political Playbook 101 to destroy/libel/slander republicans and win elections by bigoted, Far Left hacks summarized:

Everyone I don't like is Hitler...

Solution: The icon of an EXE compiled with Microsoft Visual C++ won’t show up in Windows 95.

The early versions of Windows 95, that is, the very first release, and subsequent ‘A’ and ‘B’ releases (but NOT the ‘C’ with IE 4.0 bundled!) have a peculiar behavior when it comes to an executable. The operating system refuses to detect an executable’s icon in explorer if you compiled it for /console mode, that is, as a command-line app. In order to work around this, you must compile the executable in /windows GUI mode, define a WinMain() [and not main()] and use AllocConsole() to immediately arrange a console window for the process.

Such is the workaround in case someone else was having trouble with this issue and thought it was a bug. It appears to be intentional behavior that was changed after Windows 95C. The rule is basically this: If the EXE is compiled for /windows GUI mode, then it will be scanned for icon resources and the first one will be used, as is normal… However, if it was compiled for /console mode, then it won’t bother, in fact, it will state the EXE has no icon resources if you try, for example, to create a shortcut and ask it to check for icons in said EXE. It simply defaults to fetching a generic command-line console icon from the system for every EXE that’s compiled as a console/command-line EXE regardless of what icons are or are not contained within…

I spent a few days trying to figure this out actually, I blamed the compiler, the linker, Microsoft VC++ 2005, other settings in the PE header of the executable… I tried PE editors to see if I could get different results… It really frustrated me not being able to figure it out… Finally, I compiled a blank project with VC++ 2005 which I had set to /windows GUI mode and after all my other tests failed, the EXE actually had its icon show up in Windows 95… Yeah, took quite a while…

Anyway, since I googled several times to see if somebody else encountered this problem with no luck, I made this entry in case this info might be useful to somebody else. I will in fact use the work around I mentioned. My EXE will be compiled with subsystem set to /windows GUI mode, a WinMainCRTStartup() function will be defined (the pre-WinMain function), with a subsequent call to AllocConsole() instead of creating a window. This shouldn’t be much of a big deal to all Windows operating systems thereafter, but I’ll have to test how this change behaves elsewhere.

First Year and Last Year as President Comparisons!!!



Upgrading the firmware of Seiki’s SE39UY04 39″ 4KHDTV to the final Jan 09, 2015 version.

Introduction: The Seiki 39″ LED HDTV with 4K @ 30Hz support and true 120Hz support @ 1080p!

I had been looking into buying a big screen monitor/TV for my PC and settled on this one which can do 4K but at 30Hz. It runs 1080p @ 60-120Hz nicely from a DVI situation adapted to HDMI where audio is separately delivered by analog means, a feature that’ll be more rare in the future, as well as providing a VGA input port (extremely rare now). I think I’m pretty happy with it and ultimately scored it for a total of $211! With an extra $25 I threw in for a new videocard, my HDMI output now includes digital audio, so it behaves much better with any HDTV and no special mixing required! 1080p @ 120Hz is REALLY beautiful on this TV and likely will be the reason I keep it!

Mission Accomplished! Seiki came through and emailed me back with the firmware today. The back’n’forth wait with them took about 4-5 days, and as I mentioned, I bought another one by the time they got back to me which had the 2015 firmware daveo said he received.

Well, I almost didn’t feel like it as I had the first TV with the 2014 firmware boxed up to return for a refund, but I decided to install what they gave me for testing purposes and just for the heck of it so whoever rebuys it will be up-to-date.

So, yeah, confirmed, what they gave me is same Jan 09 2015 firmware, thus I’m presuming this is likely the final version the SE39UY04 model will receive, so for those of you that wanna upgrade, here ya go!!! 🙂

My download link for backup (with ReadMe/instructions):


Original from Seiki – no idea how long it’ll last:


So, after upgrading with this install.img, your service menu should show you this:

As my new, 2nd TV already shipped with this same version, I didn’t need it since they had nothing newer, but I hope it will be helpful to others so have it also!


One last ProTip: Fixing the random blanking problem.

In a previous post, I mentioned how I solved my blanking problem with this TV when I activated 1920×1280 @ 120Hz with my computer. I felt I should repeat that info should it be helpful to others.

This applies when using the Custom Resolution Utility to output 1080p at a glorious 120 Hz instead of 60 Hz… This TV/monitor is beautiful once you can get it to 120 Hz, that’s for sure!!!

So, here’s what I did wrong: In trying to create a custom resolution/refresh profile for my Radeon 5450 video card using ToastyX’s CRU 1.2.6, I selected the first option under Timing which was “LCD standard.” However, this was not ideal with the Seiki 39″ and would occasionally cause blanking regardless of the firmware I later realized…

The fix: I edited the profile and tried the 2nd option “LCD Native” which defaults to a perfect/even 120.000 Hz (instead of 120.003 Hz) for the vertical refresh rate, and 135.000 kHz, etc. In the end, the profile should be listed as “1920×1080 @ 120.000 Hz (297.00 Mhz)” – you want even values, no fractions, e.g. 120.003, etc.!

So, if you’re having this problem and you created your own profile to force the option of 1080p @ 120 Hz, you might try checking that profile again.

So yeah, that’s how I fixed the blanking problem, the settings for the custom creation of a new 120Hz resolution were not quite right… Don’t blame the TV just yet or the HDMI wire, although you’d want a quality, heavy gauged cable and not the el cheapos to rule the connection out. I changed firmware multiple times before having another look and realizing it was something as simple as this!

Your 1080p @ 120Hz profile should like exactly like these screenshots and that’s what totally eliminated the blanking problem for my TV:

If you have an Nvidia card, you can use its proprietary driver software to set up a custom resolution so it’d be different then, but just make sure the 120 Hz is an even 120.000 Hz and the horizontal is an even 135.000 kHz, etc. As long as the clock limit doesn’t go over 300 Mhz, the 120 Hz resolution should appear in the Windows control panel app or your video card’s driver software. For 1080p, if you did it right, the clock limit should be a perfect 297.000 Mhz as shown.

P.S. Follow this whole guide below if you’ve never done this before as you’ll need to patch your AMD/Radeon or Nvidia drivers to get 120 Hz going:

Obama + IRS = Enemy of my Enemy… ;)

Can I get a fistbump up in here ?? OH YEAH!


Random Factoid – B.J. “Bubba” Clinton on Barack Obama

FunFact: Racist Ex-President B.J. “Bubba” Clinton, a fellow democrat, once commented on Barack Hussein Obama: “A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee..”

Hey, how about that, the more you know! 😉 Ah, but there’s always been something better that you likely never heard before. Did you know B.J. has a half-brother ? Yep, Roger Clinton, they share the same mother and were close growing up.

So, here’s another funfact with Roger caught on police tape:

Roger Clinton: “Some junior high n*gg#r kicked Steve’s ass while he was trying to help his brothers out; junior high or sophomore in high school. Whatever it was, Steve had the n*gg#r down. However it was, it was Steve’s fault. He had the n*gg#r down, he let him up. The n*gg#r blindsided him.”

And this quote was caught on tape by Arkansas state police as Roger was under surveillance for dealing cocaine. That’s right, a former president’s racist brother was a coke dealer and you probably never knew a damn thing about it all the years he was president nor even now… Also note, when president B.J. Clinton left office in 2001, one of his final acts was to issue a presidential pardon for Roger so that it could be expunged from his record… Awwww, family values when it comes to the democrat party!

The Clintons, ladies and gentlemen… There you have it! Used to be pretty well protected by our news media complex! Still are, I mean, imagine if George W. Bush’s brother was caught on tape saying something like that! We never would’ve heard the end of it! I can’t imagine he could’ve survived politically as it would’ve been brought up at every opportunity the media had! The Far Left hack bastards protect their own, that’s how it goes, B.J.Clinton delivered on many of the political things they wanted, so they will always protect the legacy of those who help them advance their agenda!

P.S. I know I listened to this racist tape in the past, but it’s hard to find now… I’ll post it if I do. But, here’s a source link for both quotes, Bill and Roger Clinton’s:

EDITx2: Source Link:

EDITx1: Photos of Roger Clinton’s arrest added and photo shot of source quotes. Click them to zoom in.



The Countless Crimes of Hillary Clinton: Special Prosecutor Needed Now… Hillary finally hands over her server—after it’s been professionally wiped clean!

After years of holding herself above the law, telling lie after lie, and months of flat-out obstruction, HIllary Clinton has finally produced to the FBI her server and three thumb drives. Apparently, the server has been professionally wiped clean of any useable information, and the thumb drives contain only what she selectively culled. Myriad criminal offenses apply to this conduct.

HAH! Gotta love it!!!

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