Ys F.A.N.s

Megaupload Shutdown for Piracy! It has a special history with me…

Upon clicking a megaupload.com link today, much to a sad ironic sense of surprise, I saw that image to the right appear! The sad irony is because back on January 29, 2007, which stands as a day of infamy in my life, a disgusting, miserable, angry, atheist piece of shit by the alias of Pruvmerong leaked my Felghana patch by, a) pasting the private link to it that I had given him, and b) uploading a copy of the patch to Megaupload and also pasting a link to that, and today, after almost 5 years I find that megaupload was shutdown! …….. Sad, amusing, thoughts of, “Wish I could be bringing Pruvmerong to justice like this! Oh, how I so wish he was one of the warez criminals that were indicted…”, etc.

But yeah, how about that, eh? 1/29/2007 was the day that I was first introduced to megaupload and sites like it and my life changed quite a bit ever since having run into this most vile, disgusting, repugnant individual that still walks the planet earth… That’s the bad side of Ys, ladies and gentlemen, it attracts the 99%! With 99% freeloaders and videogame thieves (read: ungrateful parasites that feed off of the work of others), other criminal malcontent behavior was always a possibility, but I certainly didn’t plan for dealing with it properly at the time, that’s for damn sure and I paid a heavy price for it indeed! So this shutdown does give me some sense of justice, in some way. And yet, I use file sharing/pirating sites like this (mediafire) to save bandwidth and host some patches still, so it’s not like I could condemn them all to hell in general, but THIS one, well, it just happened to have been used by the wrong warez criminal at the wrong time and as a result, it earned my hate and a minor sense of satisfaction that it will never again be able to be used to do to someone else what it did to me… And judging by the fact that the US FBI seized the domain and shut the thing down, it would appear that there were far worse warez criminals than Pruvmerong that were using it!

Ys “F.A.N.s” are STILL teh greatest! EVAR!

** Ys F.A.N.s (Freeloading. Asshole. Nerds.) **
~8+ years of butt-pirating & freeloading at a rate of 97-99%! Congratulations, spoiled brats!
Most, most impressive!!!!

To keep you informed, I thought I’d post basically a scorecard of downloads v. donations after the recent “release” of the good ole 2 year old Felghana BETA patch… 😉  Mediafire reports about 450 downloads and I have since received 17 donations as of January 29th! So, if you just take that sample of Ys “fans” and the 1.5 month timeline, the donation/download ratio comes out to a whopping 4%! Ah, but not so fast though; see, there’s a wrinkle in the equation as not all 17 donators were new… A few of my past supporters saw my previous rant and decided to donate again, basically feeling the need to pick up the slack for the rest of you miserable freeloading fucks!  So, going through my paypal account and doing some quick fact-checking, I found that only 12 out of the 17 donators were new. Thus, 12/450 makes for only a 2.6% ratio!!! Only 12 new donators after 450 downloads… though I can’t say how many who downloaded the patch were “new” and not repeat customers…

So there you go, it’s still pretty much same ole, same ole, the majority still love to dodge the paypal icon that is displayed on the first screen when you run any of my NSIS patches… Anyway, this was an interesting experiment (though I knew full well in advance how it would turn out) and so the conclusion stands: Ys “fans” are STILL teh greatest!! Heh-heh… You little videogame thieving fucks still love the status quo: I make it, you take it; I upload it, you download it; I produce it, you consume it! That’s all you bitches are good for: bandwidth consumption! Congrats! You’re the winner at the end of the day, right? The cheap fuck that lets somebody else pick up the tab, as usual… So yeah, a hearty FUCK YOU if you’re back here reading this, you lurking, thieving, freeloading pieces of garbage! FUCK YOU!

Addendum: If the sarcasm isn’t already clear to some of you dumbfucks, I’m merely having a little fun with a conclusion I long ago made: Around 97-98% of Ys “fans” just plain suck… You suck, you really, truly do; there’s just no way around that fact… Now in response, you say that I suck, however, you got all my fucking patches, don’t you, assholes? But what do I got from you? That’s the point: A WHOLE FUCKING LOT OF NOTHING! And in an ironic bit of a twist, I get the sense that a good portion of you really are pretty fucking miserable/angry, and it’s queer… I mean, I have legitimate reasons at being pissed having lost all that money after the Felghana leak, add to that the overall miserable donation frequency since I’m stuck with over ten-to-fifteen thousand shits like you… See my plight/situation is understandable/tangible, yet you warez butt-pirating degenerates, you’re letting a few of my rants get sand in your vaginas? Hehe, what is that all about my little darlings? Put a smile on that face for a change, will ya! =)

I mean, come on, why not instead just go butt-pirate yet another fucking videogame and enjoy yourselves with it rather than be caught dead wasting ANY energy on little ole me and allowing some not-so-friendly comments on my blog to get under your fucking skins? Why are you so easily taking the bait is my question??? It’s just such a contradiction because fucks like you ought to be INSANELY happy; I mean, if you treat the Internet as one giant warez station and butt-pirate what you want, when you want, with little-to-no ethical boundaries and given all that software, movies, & games (abandonware or not) at your instant disposal, you should, in theory, be pretty fucking happy douche bags, yet I find some of you to be as miserable as I am and *I’m* the one stuck with YOU as “fans…” Call me crazy, but this does not compute in my eyes. So what is it I wonder? Is it just such a shock for you to being accurately called out as the cheap, spoiled, miserable, butt-pirating fucks that you are? “Waahh, waaah, he called *ME* a butt-pirate again!!! I’m NOT gonna stand for this shit!!!! FUCK YOU!!! AAHHHHHHHHAAAAH!!” You’re not used to it, to anybody ever actually calling you out on it and to such a degree as I have? What is it then?

See, all that I’ve been trying to say here is that if you’ve been reading my rants in full and getting worked up over them, haven’t you in effect just wasted precious pirating time by such a non-productive distraction? 😉 Hehe. You could’ve just clicked the links, downloaded whatever patches I made available, and then just run away like you assholes have always been doing for years! YOU KNOW, THE STATUS QUO!

*Sigh* Aaaah, my degenerates, you have no, no idea how much you disgust me… Too strong a word you might say? Nope, not for you. For you, utter disgust is just about right… You’re disgusting, repugnant, little thieving shits… Now some of you have come under the impression that my beef with you is your piracy in it of itself. I think clarification is needed here. It’s not quite how you seem to have interpreted it…. You see, I would understand a 2-3% donation frequency if 99% of you were actually buying the Falcom game that my patches target. That makes sense cause then 99% of you having just spent $60-$100 on the game itself are feeling tapped out, so you’re reluctant to throw more money my way… So you grab the patch, a fraction of you might send me a thank you email, and then you run off… OK, fair enough, right? It’s defensible, understandable… I GET THAT… But you see, we both know that the complete opposite is true of you my little darlings…

Some ~99% of you fuck Falcom over, just like 97-98% of you fuck me over… And since THAT is the reality and has been for many years, after a while, I got to thinking that that scenario is all wrong… I started to think, you know, it’s YOU that should be getting fucked over for a change! YOU! YOU! YOU! YOU! YOU should be the one getting fucked over, NOT Falcom for all their work, and NOT me for all my work! Just YOU! The ungrateful, thankless, pirating, spoiled fucking pieces of garbage that you are! Just YOU! In principle, you should be stuck with that pirated copy in Japanese permanently or until you come up with an original down the road! THAT’S, THAT’S WHAT I THINK, IDEALLY!

Do you kinda get it now, degenerates? You fucked Falcom over, saving yourself all that money ($60-$100) and yet you fuck me over as well for mere chump change and it’s not very defensible… I DON’T GET THAT… How is it that REAL Falcom fans that bought the game from Falcom wind up donating more per capita than the rest of you “fans” that pirated the game and thus saved all that money? If Falcom asks $60+$20 for shipping, that’s what you gotta pay which is tough on the wallet, so I understand you pirating because of that, but in my case, you can drop a $5, $10, $15, $20 or whatever and run away, but that’s not what you miserable freeloading fucks do, is it? Only 2-3% of you ever have which is FUCKING PATHETIC! So the fact is, you’re ASSHOLES! YOU’RE FUCKING ASSHOLES! How the fuck else should I interpret that behavior??? YOU FUCKING TELL ME!!!

In YOUR fucking greed, yes greed, you want it ALL and at your price tag ($0.00), yet you deserve NOTHING! NOTHING! And doncha know, that’s exactly what you’ve gotten from me for the last 2 years!  NOTHING!

After a couple of years of this SAME pattern of behavior by you miserable pirating fucks, you can start to understand why I think most of you should get NOTHING and why only legit Falcom customers should be rewarded with getting to play the game in English. YOU YOU YOU, YESSSS, YOU, the butt-pirate should be the one getting fucked over for a change! It really isn’t that fucking hard to understand how I came to this position now that I’ve tried to explain it to you. Over the years, I guess you pieces of garbage must’ve thought that I wouldn’t have noticed your pattern of behavior, but YOU CLEARLY THOUGHT WRONG, ASSHOLES!

So there it is in its entirety… this is why Ys “fans” are, and forever will be, teh greatest! Congratulations once again, you fucking spoiled brats! Now, 1) if you fit the description of a Falcom butt-pirate as I have described it, 2) you actually read all of this rant, and 3) you now feel yourself getting very very angry, this is what you need to do: 1) Go back to the rest of the Internet from whence you came and be sure to never come back here (cause I have no use for the useless/worthless), 2) by all means, find something else to pirate and play so you can cool off (keep on filling those warez coffers), and 3) above all else, be happy! PUT A SMILE ON THAT WAREZ FACE! =)

Felghana Patch “Release” Anniversary 2009 & “Fan” Appreciation Day!

** Thursday January 29, 2009

*cracks knuckles*

Greetings my cheap, stingy, thuggish, spoiled-rotten, free-for-me bottom-feeding, something-for-nothing, warez butt-pirating degenerates a.k.a. “fans” (Gosh Mr. NightWolve, that litany just keeps getting longer & longer… must think you’re funny or something, huh?)! Well, what do you say we have a little heart-to-heart today, huh?? I know, it’ll be rather difficult since I’m not very diplomatic and tend to be bombastic for my own personal amusement at times and yesss, yesss, I AM an arrogant, egotistical, GREEDY son-of-a-bitch, it’s ALL true, while on the other hand, ~98% of you are INSANELY generous, humble, polite, friendly, show no signs of arrogance in any way, shape or form, basically are all around wonderful little angels, pure as the wind-driven snow that never butt-pirated a damn thing in your otherwise miserable fucking lives, but what the hell…

The fact is, you’re the REAL Falcom fans, the unsung heroes and I see that now, while I’m just a profiteer, an impostor looking to make a quick buck! As a result, I could never truly love Falcom and Ys the way you fine folks do because I’ve made money an issue (or lack thereof) while most of you would NEVER dream of doing so (and, haha, 98% of you NEVER did, go figure!)… Thus, I’ve had you pegged all wrong from the get-go! It is my greed, not your appearance of warezy stinginess that is the problem! It is my attitude, not yours that is the problem! For failing to recognize who really is at fault in all of this, namely me, I am truly sorry! I really hope we can bury the hatchet and ALL UNITE, butt-pirate and Falcom owner alike, under the banner of Ys, cause after all, that’s what this is all about, isn’t it ? Well, isn’t it ?? The unifying power of Ysssssssssss! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!

So right about now you might be wondering what prompted this drive-by rant and why did I deviate back into this subject matter when I was doing just fine dealing with the neo-Marxist Prezident BabyKiller…? Well, do ya know what today is?? Today marks the 2 year anniversary of the Felghana patch leak… Yessssss, that’s right! Many of you fucks little darlings remember that day, I’m sure, cause you scored the patch early without having to donate anything for it, right?? January 29, 2007 3:21 PM PT, a day of infamy, when a warez thug decided to create an account named “GF_Alt” on the decidedly uncivilized website union of GayFAQs/GaySpot in order to short-circuit my donate-for-early-access program, pretty much the ONLY technique that ever gets you prickly, freeloading, miserable fucks to open your damn wallets (at least, for those of you outside of the teenage warez crowd that have a wallet)…

The leaker’s exact words were, “Enjoy. Here’s an alternate link in case he removes that directory. His greedy donation scheme has gone far enough.” which show his motivations and in his treachery, he was quite successful as a warez hero since once word spread of the patch’s leak, the donation frequency to obtain it from me dropped from 3-4 per day, to 3-4 per week, etc. only to exponentially decline further in the following weeks… I estimate the damages/losses to have been anywhere from $1000-$1500 which certainly isn’t easy to forget… It is interesting in some respects how it took only one little degenerate to fuck things up pretty good, a degenerate that to this day continues to remain anonymous/unidentified unfortunately… Oh, I’ve had theories such as one zmonkey/boilerplate, a raging militant psycho, but I was unable to go forward with a means for 100% identification, thus whoever he is, he continues to remain in my email list of donators, and no doubt he occasionally lurks about to this day, cackling away with a prickly smile on his face at his accomplishment. I figured by now he would’ve bragged to me directly about it, but he’s been completely silent ever since…

So… here we are, 2 years and 10,000+ Felghana patch installations later (yeah, that’s right, patch version-checking counts your freeloading asses), the donation frequency/ratio stands at just about 2 donators per every 98 freeloaders, or ~2% (+1%), meaning that ~9,800 out of 10,000+ (98%) of you wonderful little angels chose to do the usual, that is, to freeload! Essentially, 2 years more time has changed very little since you’ve remained VERY impressive freeloaders! Very “conservative” of you, yesss? You dug in and stuck to your “it’s supposed to be 100% free” guns, eh? Well, good job cheap, stingy, degenerate fucks my “fans!” Good job! My hats off to you! Heh, you know, I look at these statistics from over the years and I occasionally just scratch my head wondering, man, how good would somebody have to make a patch for you fucks people to ever consider donating at a respectable rate? What would it take to get that donator ratio up to say 10% at least, I’ve asked myself? Perhaps my patches must not good enough for you, eh? They come close, but not close enough, yeah? They just don’t cross past that line between “I’m not paying shit for this!” versus “Hey, this IS worth paying something for!”, right ? Well, apparently so…

Seriously though, you are some really amazing fucks “fans…” On one hand, you can be found at various places whining about how the US never gets enough Ys localizations, but on the other, as is now so evident, you ARE NOT willing to put your money where your mouth is when it gets down to it, are you?? Heh. In my case, you’ve done nearly everything possible, given me so many reasons to quit, I mean, indirectly with your rampant, carefree freeloading, and others, directly with the demonstration of your so very very intimidating “flame master of disaster” skillz… I do wonder what the sales figures were exactly of Konami’s Ys VI PS2 port with warez butt-pirating maniacs “fans” like you on the loose… I can’t imagine that did very well (as far as what I heard, it didn’t). PLEASE BRING US MORE YS GAMES OFFICIALLY BUT KNOW THAT WE AIN’T PAYIN’ SHIT FOR ‘EM IF WE CAN HELP IT!!!! HEHEHHEHEHEHE!

It really does amaze me to this day given that you could lift a masterpiece of a game like Felghana off a torrent network or whatever, saving yourself, goodness, anywhere from $60 to $100 bucks and import taxes in some cases, but yet donating $5+ bucks for my translation project efforts was just SO out of the question for your freeloading degenerate minds… REALLY, WHAT is THAT all about? It fascinates me, it does! You couldn’t handle mere chump change, the average cost of a beer, really…?? You were asked essentially to trade ONE of your minimum wage working hours ($5 before the increase to $7) for thousands of my programming hours across several years… Hardly unreasonable by any rational, logical standard… BUT NOOOOOOOOOO, CAN’T FUCKING DO THAT!!! That warez free-for-me mind of yours couldn’t process the VERY concept… What was it you told me, hmmm? $5 was “greedy,” a “scam,” right? And was this before or after you pirated the game? Of course, there’s nothing “greedy” about butt-pirating, filling your warez coffers, freeloading, stinginess, cheapness, etc. right?? Man, if I didn’t have a sense of humor considering your antics I’d have gone crazy long time ago trying to figure you out….


Does that about your capture your thought process, you miserable, freeloading spoiled fucks? Hmmmmm? How accurate am I? How close am I?

Let’s wrap this up and get to what the main purpose of this post was all about… By now, that short-tempered warez mind of yours has no doubt been wondering what’s with that newly added download to a Felghana patch…? Is this a trick? What’s going on here? What the fuck is he up to this time? Did this asshole NightWolve finally add the completed Mural images and actually finish the damn thing?? Or, did he stuff a virus in it?? How can the big, bad, evil NightWolve ever be trusted again after what he said he was gonna do? Well, first observe that the link says BETA… Awwwwww, I know how seeing that must’ve been a huge disappointment for ya… Were you by chance hoping for “change?” Something different, something new after ALL this time? A reward for all your patient waiting (as well as pirating, but I digress)? Heh-heh. I’m afraid that day is NOT today… Sorry, my fabulouso “fans”… I let ya down didn’t I ??

Alrighty, well, you know where we’re going with this… I had decided it’d be rather amusing to commemorate the 2 year anniversary by giving you MORE of the SAME!! That’s right! I’ve “preserved” the patch 100% FOR YOU, the “fan,” (get it, get it? I’m presenting inaction as action) just as it was when GF_Alt decided to get into the patch distribution business and leak it 2 years ago to the day! No need to throw your email address around in posts anymore, lie about owning the game (word of advice: you sorry fucks aren’t any good at lying, so just stick to what you ARE good at: pirating), and then expect another fellow warez degenerate to email you the patch in his leisurely…. No no no no no no, that nonsense will no longer be necessary you silly, embarrassing, thieving fucks! As of today, it’s official, you can get the VERY SAME patch from the source, right here… And you can trust me cause, yeah, I wouldn’t fuck you….. NOT YOU!!!! You’ve all been so good to me and I have no reason whatsoever to hate/detest you…. Rrrright? You are the overwhelming, near-unanimous majority of my “fans” after all… 😉 No matter what I do when it comes to the fan translation gig, aside from permanently retiring, I’ll always be stuck with you, much like you’ll always be stuck on stupid. This is the sad, inescapable reality…

Friday, June 06, 2008

I’m occasionally asked about where to obtain older Ys patches since, well, I’m rather lacking with the rest of my website… As such, I threw these links up below in the meantime. Nothing has changed as far as domain name ideas since there doesn’t seem to be much creativity out there, let alone motivation (not unsurprising). No skin off my back though since I don’t much think about the loss of a full site these days… Anyway, here are the last up-to-date builds of the three most requested patches/files in question:

Ys I Complete ( YsI(US)v127.exe )

Ys II Complete ( YsII(US)v102.exe )

Ys Typing Tutor ( YsTT(US)v090.exe )

EDIT (12/14/2008++): Added the rest for backup and reference.

Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys v95 (YsIV(US)v95.cab)

Xak III:The Eternal R. v1.00 (XakIII(US)v100.cab)

Ys: Oath in Felghana BETA (YsF(US)v000.rar)
(This is of course the patch that Pruvmerong leaked, a vicious, bigoted, degenerate marauder that showed up from none other than GameFAQs, the worst of the worst when it comes to trolls and the psychologically disturbed, etc. I thought he might’ve come from “romhacking hacks.net” but I sure as hell was wrong about that!)

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Well, the transitioning phase won’t go as smoothly as I had hoped. My hosting pal went ahead and altered his ‘arrowsmash.com’ domain to point to his new host provider, thus I no longer have a working site. He couldn’t wait for me forever, so that’s fine – I don’t mind a little downtime. In the meantime, I’ve set up a free web hosting account with good ole Microsoft to temporarily host this page and had the NO-IP domain ‘nick.serveblog.net’ redirect to it. It’s the best I could do on short notice.

I STILL need to come up with a new domain name! HELP! Gimme suggestions! So long as I don’t have one, the site will remain offline. The ‘serveblog.net’ domain was a freely provided ready-to-use type and I didn’t put a lot thought into choosing it originally. I had set up your basic blog using wordpress so it was a good enough idea way back, but then I quickly switched to this portal software so it stopped being applicable.

Anyhow, what is the site now? What speaks to ME and to the work that I do/did here? The answers to those questions would help one arrive at a more proper name for this site. And so, what would your suggestion be?? Should “Plight of the Fan Translator” be incorporated into it somehow? DeuceBag suggested www.thecrankyhacker.com but eh, I wasn’t sold on the idea… THINK! FAST! I need something lasting… Understand the significance: I would have to update all the patch documentation, any edited credits images, etc. to reflect the new URL so it’s gotta be good. If you’re one of my 10,000 standard useless, warez, freeloaders, here’s a chance to make yourself useful… Just email me the suggestion with the yahoo address provided below if you can handle that.

Oh, and just in case you get generous all of a sudden (which, statistically speaking, has a ~98% chance of NOT happening going by the current crop of “fans” I’ve attracted over the past ~6 years of my hacking career. Donor-to-freeloader ratio is about 2 per 100; read another way, for every 98 freeloaders, there are 2 donors), here goes that evil anathema that is the paypal icon:


I got that final Felghana patch waiting for you right here! OH YEAH!!! It’s all finished!!! Come and get it… Then after that, I got an Ys VI: The Ark of Napisthim PC patch waiting for you right here too, because yeah, you’ve all been such great fucking fans! I mean seriously, who could ask for any better fans than you all? Not me!! OH NO! Not me! You’re so goddamn fucking insanely generous you’ve spoiled me rotten to the core!!! I’m rich and it’s all thanks to you! Rich I say! Hell, I could retire right now if I wanted to! SO STOP SPOILING ME! SERIOUSLY! STOP IT! Anyway, yeah, after that, I got an Ys Origin patch for ya too! Bet your greedy little warez grabbing hands would especially love to get a hold of that one, huh? Well, how about it? Huh huh? See, I understand… I understand perfectly well the drive to fill those warez coffers up with all the goodies you can grab a hold of! That said, how about one for Xanadu Next while we’re at it as well? YEAH, WHY NOT? I WANNA BE JUST AS GENEROUS AS YOU WONDERFUL FANS HAVE BEEN TO ME ALL THESE WONDERFUL YEARS! Thus, Xanadu Next it is! Xanadu Next it is! All set! Yeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgh!
Yours truly,

The big bad evil for-profit, non-anti-capitalist, non-neo-Marxist, non-something-for-nothing NightWolve

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