The tactics of the Left exposed, this, much like that university teacher writing racist comments on her car and other places, then playing the victim of a hate crime to galvanize public opinion around her and for the cause, etc. ¬†This disgusting student now faces 8 felony counts of fabricating evidence, she is someone that chose to deceive/dupe the public into supporting the “cause” and waste police, university time and resources to do so!! Hopefully she is prosecuted to the FULLEST extent of the law! It sucks that the media reporter forwards the comments of the idiots in that video, “We’re still proud how we came together!” Yeah, under a BIG FAT LIE which was the whole point. You were manipulated precisely to achieve just that which has been the standard operating procedure of leftist cultural radicals since the 60’s (deceptive public manipulation) when this same-gender love activist movement was born/organized, etc. The reporting was all toned-down, nobody told it like it really was or deserved to be told – these tactical stunts need to be put in their historical contexts.

Using this manipulative, disgusting tactic, she was able to organize rallies at her university to raise “awareness” of “same-gender bender love” and the difficulties/issues it faces in society calling upon you bigots to change your ways and join the cause!! Yeaaaaaaaaaarrgh!!!! She¬†employed a classic tactic of negative association by creating an invisible “anti-gay” boogeyman that was supposedly stalking her at her dorm or whatever. Her “opponents” (those who want the definition of marriage left alone, of course) weren’t extreme enough for her so she had to present an extremist caricature of an a-hole that sneaks around at night and drops threatening letters to same-gender couples. Thankfully, the clown that she is, she didn’t think what the consequences would be of reporting it to the police, who did not even tell her that they put cameras up… Bottomline, thank goodness she didn’t get away with this!

Here is a part of her speech:

“I stand here in front of you today, speaking to the person responsible for this… And all I have to say is I’m not gonna be run out of my home and I will not be intimidated by hate!”

Pffffffffft. What an jackass! She milked all possible sympathy and support that she could out of an “enemy” of her own creation, smearing/slandering and intimidating other people in the process (which WAS the point as well, tactically!) who hold traditional negative attitudes on same-gender coupling/relationships! Rot in jail, you disturbed jerk!